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Jegan Reno is there for all of your home improvement and renovation needs. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom, or building an addition, the Jegan Reno design-build team is devoted to making your home unmistakably yours.
We Price Match
Found a cheaper price? Tell us and we are happy to match it
Stress-Free Build
We assign a dedicated project manager to keep your build running smoothly
High-Quality Deliverables
We always aim for the highest quality to exceed our customer’s expectations
Deliver On Time
A fast seamless planning, design and construction process with no hidden surprises in the end
20 Years Of Combined Experience
Customers have confidence in our knowledge, expertise and word of mouth referrals supported by over 20 years of combined experience
Admired By Our Customers
Always exceeding customer’s expectations and supporting them in every step of the process has made us an admired company supported by their testimonials.

Our Latest Kitchen Work

Jegan Reno offers high-end service for Victorian terrace loft conversions to the modern two-storey extension. Our commitment is to deliver the same attention and finish to our clients, with every aspect of the project managed and completed by ourselves.
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Our Top Category

Model: 84060104
PRODUCTHeight (cm)2.00Length (cm)2.40Width (cm)2.40INNER CASEQuantity75.00OUTER CASEQuantity75.00Height (cm)8.00Length (cm)14.75Width (cm)11.25Volume ..
Ex Tax:$1.70
Model: 84054164
PRODUCTHeight (cm)11.00Length (cm)11.00Width (cm)9.00INNER CASEQuantity100.00OUTER CASEQuantity10.00Height (cm)23.00Length (cm)49.00Width (cm)19.00Vol..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: 84054154
PRODUCTHeight (cm)11.00Length (cm)11.00Width (cm)9.00INNER CASEQuantity100.00OUTER CASEQuantity10.00Height (cm)12.00Length (cm)48.80Width (cm)9.40Volu..
Ex Tax:$9.99
Model: 151017
PRODUCTLength (cm)13.00Weight (kg)0.055Width (cm)10.00INNER CASEVolume (cm³)3052.50Quantity250.00Height (cm)15.00Width (cm)11.00Length (cm)18.50OUTER ..
Ex Tax:$3.49
Model: 151018
PRODUCTLength (cm)13.00Weight (kg)0.075Width (cm)10.00INNER CASEVolume (cm³)4042.50Quantity250.00Height (cm)15.00Width (cm)11.00Length (cm)24.50OUTER ..
Ex Tax:$3.99
Model: 84051017
PRODUCTHeight (cm)0.76Length (cm)0.35Width (cm)0.76INNER CASEQuantity100.00OUTER CASEQuantity10.00Height (cm)12.00Length (cm)48.50Width (cm)2.00Volume..
Ex Tax:$3.49
Model: 84051018
PRODUCTHeight (cm)1.00Length (cm)0.35Width (cm)1.00INNER CASEQuantity100.00OUTER CASEQuantity10.00Height (cm)13.00Length (cm)5.00Width (cm)2.00Volume ..
Ex Tax:$3.99
Model: 84060002
PRODUCTHeight (cm)8.00Length (cm)7.30Width (cm)4.00INNER CASEQuantity20.00OUTER CASEQuantity20.00Height (cm)41.40Length (cm)57.00Width (cm)37.50Volume..
Ex Tax:$5.99

Our Latest Well Work

Model: 100605
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00..
Ex Tax:$20.51
Model: 100452
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)38.00Length (cm)46.50Width (cm)35.50Volume (cm³)62728.50Weight (kg)15.00..
Ex Tax:$13.81
Model: 100603
INNER CASEVolume (cm³)6597.50Quantity6.00Height (cm)13.00Width (cm)35.00Length (cm)14.50Weight (kg)2.70OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)28.00Length (..
Ex Tax:$16.05
Model: 117532
INNER CASEQuantity4.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)25.00Length (cm)39.00Width (cm)31.50Volume (cm³)30712.50Weight (kg)4.50..
Ex Tax:$9.94
Model: 100103
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)36.00Length (cm)55.50Width (cm)32.00Volume (cm³)63936.00Weight (kg)18.00..
Ex Tax:$13.73
Model: 100100
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)38.50Length (cm)42.00Width (cm)31.50Volume (cm³)50935.50..
Ex Tax:$12.40
Model: 100100-1
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)38.50Length (cm)42.00Width (cm)31.50Volume (cm³)50935.50Weight (kg)18.00..
Ex Tax:$14.77
Model: 100202
INNER CASEQuantity6.00OUTER CASEQuantity24.00Height (cm)38.50Length (cm)42.00Width (cm)31.50Volume (cm³)50935.50Weight (kg)18.00..
Ex Tax:$12.36
Model: JRF017
Bevel Doorstop 1 3/4”Dimension mm(inch) 3/8*1 3/4*10..
Ex Tax:$0.80
Model: JRF016
Bevel Doorstop 1 3/8”Dimension mm(inch) 3/8*1 3/8*10..
Ex Tax:$1.83
Model: JRF008
Bevel step 5Dimension mm(inch) 5/8"*5 1/4*10'..
Ex Tax:$1.15
Model: JRF007
Bevel step 7″Dimension mm(inch) 5/8"*7 1/4*10'..
Ex Tax:$1.49
Bevel step back band 1 1/3″    S-04
Model: JRF039
Bevel step back band 1 1/3″Dimension mm(inch) 3/4*1 5/16*12..
Ex Tax:$0.97
Model: JRF025
Bevel step casing 3 1/2″Dimension mm(inch) 3/4"*3 1/2"*8'..
Ex Tax:$1.07
Model: JRF026
Bevel step casing 3 1/2″Dimension mm(inch) 5/8*3 1/2*8..
Ex Tax:$1.02
Model: JRF024
Bevel steps BB casing 3 1/2″Dimension mm(inch) 11/8*3 1/4"*8..
Ex Tax:$1.30

Our Latest Masonry Work